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The Muesli Hub. Making your mornings brighter. One bowl of muesli at a time.



This notion of choice should start in the breakfast bowl.

Your breakfast should suit your lifestyle and be tailor made to your specific needs. Breakfast should be what you want it to be; a boost in energy, gluten free, a top up of antioxidants, or simply a bowl full of the things you love. It’s entirely up to you.

There is no boxed solution, we are here to let you be the creator of your own muesli, there are no secret recipes, just the raw ingredients and sound advice so you can craft and personalize your unique start to the day.

Welcome to your empty breakfast bowl. Be the Creator.



The Muesli Hub allows you to craft your own muesli mix based on how you want
to start the day.

  1. Choose your muesli mix size – 500g or 1kg at a fixed cost no matter which
    ingredients you choose.
  2. Begin with one of our muesli bases designed to inspire your own creation.
  3. Start adding your ingredients – We’ve sourced the finest natural ingredients
    from here and afar, bringing the world of muesli options to your breakfast bowl.
  4. Name your muesli creation, it’s unique to you.
  5. We’ll mix your muesli and have it delivered directly to you. Your special delivery is on its way.



There is nothing better than a personalised package arriving on time as expected. So we have partnered with Courier Post to ensure tracked door-to-door delivery by the most trusted guys in the business.

One flat fee of $5.45 is added for delivery to ensure you are receiving the best service.

A $3.20 fee is added on top of the courier fee for rural deliveries.

Delivery time: 2-3 working days (may be a bit longer for rural deliveries).



Coming all the way from Mount Maunganui to your home, The Muesli Hub is Paige and Jason’s new (ad)venture. With its cool cafe culture, the multitude of a new creative business’s and the authentic and down-to-earth beach lifestyle that this seaside city boasts, it seemed like the perfect new HQ for the business.

Lovers of coffee, good food shared with friends, keen world explorers and parents to gorgeous Mila, this felt like the perfect match. Paige had been searching for a one-of-a-kind opportunity for some time, something new and exciting to wake up for every morning whilst giving her the chance to provide something meaningful and good to people around her. Jason, on the other hand, is the perfect partner. True to his follow-your-dream and can-do attitude, he encouraged Paige to find her inner passion; and after some long boring hours sifting through the Internet, many reflective walks on the beach, and countless coffee dates with close friends to somehow trigger an idea, she came across the Muesli Hub and never felt so excited.

Providing a memorable and authentic breakfast experience, ensuring people start their day right with a bowl full of goodness really strung a chord with Paige. It just made sense! There is nothing they want more than for their customers to share in on the same excitement and joy that The Muesli Hub brings them. Happy mixing!




A scrapbook of inspiration which has guided us along the way. Have a flick through and share your thoughts with us.

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Give the Gift of Muesli


Share the love and craft a special muesli for someone as a gift. Or send them a voucher so they can craft their own.

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Pre Crafted


Try one of the healthy mixes that we love! Lovingly crafted by us, and friends of The Muesli Hub.

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